Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

It can be very telling
the kind of vibe you put out each day simply by noticing the experiences you’re
attracting into your life.
The kind of vibe you are putting out there is a result of the care you give to your Self. Are you
taking good care of yourself?…your body, mind, heart?
A good gauge to tell
you whether the energy you exude is a healthy one, take notice of who you
choose to be close to, or who you predominately surround yourself with.
If you are proud of
those people you choose to surround yourself with, they make you feel inspired
or productive, or they just plain feel good to be around, then your
contribution to your own personal power is STRONG.
This puts you at an
advantage to do more good things for you and others because when you feel good,
you do good.
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