Why not
just eat what you want and enjoy it?? Life is for enjoying, so go ahead,
eat! Have fun! We’re only human and we won’t be alive forever anyway…
BUT here’s
the thing you need to understand: you want good health so you can live a
“quality life” while you’re here. Most people take feeling
tired, groggy, run down, depressed as NORMAL… It’s not… It’s only
normal if you do not know what wellness feels like. In other words, you haven’t
yet created your own happy balance – mentally, physically, emotionally and
means finding YOUR balance… the kind of balance where you’re able to enjoy
eating the things you like and still maintain your health and enjoy your life
without feeling deprived in any way.
Here’s a
quick tip: If you’re eating well-portioned, clean, nutritious meals most times
of the week (let’s say 70% of the time), then the other 30% of the time, reward
yourself and have some fun! Your body is an incredible machine that can handle
the “bad” days you have some of the time IF you’re good to it MOST of
the time. Find a way to cooperate with your body. Remember, you are
what you eat!
If you
don’t know how to go about this the right way for you, please contact me here
on penny@wellnesswithpenny.com. I’ve been able to teach people how to enjoy
eating to lose weight or simply get healthier. And in as little as 5 days,
they’ve been able to feel empowered in their bodies. 
knowledge I share with clients also allows for HEALTHY weight loss. So if they
want to, they can lose 5 lbs in 5 days and keep it off FOR GOOD… Or, take it
even further and achieve even more good. I make it my priority to keep
things super fun, simple and self-sustaining so you cannot help but want to
follow through! 
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