Workout Of the Week (WOW)

I KNOW you have a hectic schedule, so I’m here to help and save you time!

When it comes to getting fit and lean, your body responds to quality over quantity.

Learn to super-charge your workouts so you can burn fat, lean out and strengthen up while also cutting your workout time short.

There’s no shortage of research proving that bouts of intense short workouts can produce significant improvements in health and fitness.

This is why I created WOW with Penny! (Workout Of the Week with Penny)

Learn smart ways to strengthen, sculpt, tighten and define your body into shape with a minimum effective dose of powerful exercises or workout routine that can deliver REAL results.

These WOW with Penny workouts are designed to produce an “after-burn effect.”

This means you will continue to burn more calories even after the workout is over because your body will be expending more energy through the day to recover from the workout.

This is also known as maximizing your calorie expenditure or boosting your metabolism.

This means you can enjoy more foods and not worry so much!

Even if you don’t have a good fitness base, you can start conditioning your body and slowly advance to various exercises to up your fitness level.

Remember: If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not changing.

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable because change only happens through challenge.

Let’s have fun together! Put in your best effort.

No matter what fitness level you are, you can create the after-burn effect with me. Let’s get to it right now! 🙂

Oh, and if you don’t already know, 70% of achieving a fit physique comes from what you put IN your body.

So as you get on board here, connect with me so I can set up the best personalized nutrition plan for you to pair up with your WOW to help accelerate your results!

And if you prefer a customized workout program that best suits your needs, I’d be more than happy to discuss that with you as well. 🙂

  • Start your WOW with Penny workout below.

  • Be sure to eat right for your body type.

  • Connect with me here as you get started.

  • Find out the best nutrition plan for you.

  • Pair up your foods with your workout.

  • Let’s smash your fitness goals together! 🙂

Be sure to connect with me at the bottom of this page to find out the best nutrition plan for you to pair up with your workout. Accelerate your fitness goals!

Let’s get the workout started! HAVE FUN!! 😉

(Be sure to stay hydrated and remember to stretch after.)

7-minute total body workout with a pair of DB

Repeat this entire sequence for 7 minutes, taking a few shorts breaks (30-60 seconds) only when needed or while increasing or decreasing dumbbell load.

Remember to warm up with 60 seconds of jumping jacks, followed by 20 wide jump squats to fire up the legs before moving onto the workout.

Narrow hand push up, row and rotate into high side plank (right side, then repeat the same for the left side). Then, jump into a wide squat clean and press.

If this entire sequence is too advance for you, feel free to break it down and perform each individual component of the entire combo-move separately.

For even better results, repeat this 7-minute sequence at least 2 rounds back to back. 🙂

11 Minute Crazy Core Ab Exercise

There are 11 exercises in total, all done back-to-back at one full minute per exercise.

In this very challenging core/ab exercise video, I’ll be working out with you to keep you moving and maintaining proper form.

I’ll also be showing modified moves for beginners and intermediate so everyone can join in on this ABS-of-steel, hard-CORE workout.

I don’t like wasting time with the “easy stuff” because they don’t work! So let’s just cut to the chase and do only the things that work. Yes, it will be tough, but it WILL change you in ways that you would want it to.

If you do this 2-3 times a week, your core will get really strong. Paired with the right nutrition plan — six-pack abs, here you come! 😉

3 minute fat burn workout – TENacity

Do you have the TENacity to do this workout with me? 😉 Won’t take up much time, but will reward much in return.

I’ve even made sure to not only show the advance version, but to show the modified version too, so beginner and intermediate level fitness enthusiasts can join the fun! 😉

Make sure you warm up your body first with a few minutes of jumping jacks, or running-on-the-spot, before you begin.

Then, let’s do the 3-minute workout together here. Listen to your body.

Gauge it, and go at your own pace — but keep it challenging!

Remember: No challenge, no change.