you do first thing in the morning usually sets the tone for the rest of your
day. If you start the morning flustered and in a big rush, feeling anxious or
quietly worrying, chances are, your day will imitate a similar pattern, or create
scenarios that are more of the same.
if you start your morning with a calm mind, chances are, as your life events
unfold through the day, you’ll be more effective in dealing with it. You’ll be
more equipped to make better decisions. With this, your day can be a more
productive one, one where you can sit back at the end of the day feeling some
form of contentment.

me, I like to start my day with at the very least 5 minutes to myself to quiet
my mind, focusing on my breath to “still” my thoughts. I sit silently
enjoying a hot bowl of Matcha green tea. Some might call this meditation,
others might call it being present to the moment without judgment. Doesn’t
matter what you call it, the end result is the same.

I’ve come to learn that it isn’t so much what happens during this 10 minutes of
“quiet time,” but more so, the beneficial “side effects”
that occur as a result of having made the time to have this small moment in the