Example 1
When I say I’m going to have a “clean” meal, it doesn’t mean I’m
going to eat very little. It means I’m going to eat a lot, but A LOT of good
stuff that my body can use. My meal is huge, but the calories are low and
clean…this means no greasy, creamy or processed stuff. And not sauced up with
sodium or sugar.
For example: My lunch the
other day, tons of mixed greens wilted by a warm mixed vegetable stir-fry on
top, half cup basmati rice and half a chicken breast cooked with shallots,
onions, garlic and fresh tomatoes.
Eat up! Keep your meals colorful. Get all your nutrients: fiber, vitamins,
minerals, protein, complex carbs, good fats. Fill up your plate with all of
these nutrients and you can be sure you’re fueling your body to be its best!
Three-quarter cup of basmati rice, 2 cups of steamed broccoli and spinach
mixed, 3 eggs but only one yolk, three-quarter cup of turkey breast. Plus some
hot chili paste that I

Example 2

love because I like it spicy! ;)

This all adds up to just a little over 500 calories that my body can use and will use! Not a lot of calories for a meal, but nevertheless, it’s a big meal
that will keep me satiated.
I’ve got my balanced nutrients of protein from eggs and turkey; fiber,
vitamins and minerals from the green vegetables; carbs from the rice; and good
fats from the yolk. 

Eating clean is great because I know I’m taking care of my body. So when I
do have my “cheat” meals I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever! I love my
“cheat” meals as much as I love my “clean” meals. :)