Every person has the ability to reach a
healthy weight.
Because every “body” is unique,
each person’s weight loss (or weight gain) experience may vary. Your progress
can depend on many factors such as food sensitivities, nutrition history,
genetics, health condition, fitness level, frequency and intensity of
exercise and activities, and overall lifestyle habits.
Despite your efforts, your progress is
not necessarily going to be the same from week to week. You may lose weight,
remain the same or even gain. This is NOT a bad thing at all. It’s just the way
the body works.
The KEY is to stay on track and DON’T
yo-yo — don’t go back-and-forth on your efforts to achieve your healthy weight

Practice patience. Give your body a
chance to settle into your new habits. Allow your body the time it needs to
response and it will eventually pay off. In due course, a well-nurtured body
will eventually find its healthy weight. 

Here is an example of 2 of my clients
who took the slow and steady approach to weight loss, training 2-3 times a week
and eating proper, balanced meals while also enjoying (in moderation) their
“cheat” meals and dining-out experience few times a week or so. 
The slow and steady approach still gets
you results. But if you have it in you to double your training efforts and
lessen the “cheat” meals, you can experience results sooner. 

Bottom line, there is more than one way
to achieve your weight loss goals. So choose the method that works best for
you! The KEY is to stick to your plan. Be consistent. Follow through. ;)