Deliberately incorporate more movements into your
daily life — especially more intense movements — and you’ll be sure to boost your metabolism, strengthen your muscles and burn more calories. Here are 8 tricks to workout without actually working out:
– Execute squat-stance when going down
to pick up stuff.
– Do calve raises or squats while
brushing your teeth.
– Drop down and do push-ups when warming
up food at the microwave.
– Do jump squats during TV commercials.
– Keep all “not-so-good foods”
high up so you have to reach or climb to get them.
– Do burpees when you’ve done something
you don’t feel so proud of.
Run up the stairs, don’t walk. Or take
the stairs instead of elevator.
– Wear runners and jog (or walk fast)
when doing groceries.

Hope you try at least a few of these
suggestions. Stay active. Be mindful and smart with how you move your body.
These deliberate movements will do more for you than you know!