When returning to the gym after a few weeks off, I like to do an overall body workout at a nice, steady pace to warm up my body and prep it for my next workout.

So this means no lifting superheavy or going super intense, instead, just working at around 65% of my usual intensity.

This way, I can cooperate with my body and slowly ease it back into routine without shocking it into injuries.

Thank goodness I was doing short bodyweight exercises here and there during my time off so I didn’t feel completely defeated when I got back to the gym.

Bodyweight exercises are no joke during time off from the gym.

They really work!

Though they were short or random workouts, it kept my body strong and on-guard (not lazy), so going back to the gym only took couple rounds to get back to “normal”.

Here is what today’s overall body workout looked like:

1.) Elevated push-ups with knee-tuck twist (working the chest, triceps, front of shoulders,
core, cardio)

2.)Bent-over straight-arm tricep kickback (triceps, back of shoulders, back)

3.)High-plank jump into bent-over rows (legs, back, shoulders, traps, biceps, core
area, cardio)