The “building”, “sculpting” and “toning” you want to
achieve cannot be done with cute little dumbbells, no matter the repetitions.
If you want real results, slowly progress to lifting heavier weights that digs
deep, and makes you uncomfortable — even make you grunt a few times! (yes,
talking to you, ladies!)
2.) Don’t
sabotage your workouts. Chilling out between weight sets is one of the most
common mistakes. To increase strength, you need to do your second and third
sets of reps with slightly fatigued muscles. Instead of taking a break, take a
brief “pause” that lasts for just 15 – 30 seconds. Any more than that
and you’ll lose the benefit you gained from the previous set. 

3.) Ok, if
getting to the gym is tough today, just tell yourself you’ll go and make it a
light, easy workout (and mean it!). No pressure. Once you get there and start
moving, chances are you’ll naturally do more than you anticipated and you’ll
leave feeling great!