On my last post I promised I would give you more valuable information about your body that you’re going to want to share with people you love. But first, before you read any further, please be sure you’ve read my article: Alkalize: It will change your life! (Click here to read.)

If you don’t first read and understand what is shared in that article about pH balance, and acid/alkaline in your body, you won’t fully understand what I’m about to share here. So read that article first, then only continue reading below:

Ever wonder why it is that when people get older they often shrink? The reason is because when a person lives an acid lifestyle, after the body goes through its reserves, and after it stores in the fat, guess what’s next? It needs calcium – and so it continuously leeches it from your bones.

And as your bones get weaker and weaker, your body gets more and more compressed. So you see, the reason you shrink is not because you’re getting “old,” but because your bones are weak as a result of your body being too acidic throughout your life, and your body is now leeching from those bones.
And with this, you begin to break down in many other ways including your muscles getting flabby as the acid eats it away. Get more alkalinity in your diet and in your fluids so your body can deal with this and not have to pull from your reserves.
Most of what we consume including the air (pollution) we breathe is acidic. Even our negative thoughts alone create acid in our body. This is why it is so important to alkalize your body throughout your life. Discomfort, illness or any form of dis-ease cannot thrive in an

environment that is alkaline.

Again, don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research, get a second or third opinion from highly credible sources and you’ll find out the truth about this for yourself.
Learn about health as much as possible. Do this for yourself and the people you love so you can all learn to live a long, healthy life enjoying each other’s company. ☺
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