is powerful. It is difficult to start “trouble” with a person who is
in a true state of gratitude. This divine state can influence human behaviour
and neutralize even the biggest conflicts.
is nothing short of nourishment for the soul. When you feel thankful each day
for all the little things around you, a certain calm and peace washes over you
that no man-made substance could ever compare in degree, safety and
My dear
friends, family, and clients, thank you today and everyday for being in my life
in one capacity or another. Whether through your presence, support,
conversations, comments, questions, constructive criticisms, or compliments,
each of you serve a purpose in challenging me to become better at what I do and
more importantly, inspiring me to be a better person all around. I am truly
thankful for each of you.
gobble gobble day to my fellow Americans! :) xo
P.S. Let’s
have thanksgiving everyday in our own way!