Surprise! Breakfast is not what you think!

People always ask me for ideas on
breakfast. They’re either looking for something that tastes good, keeps them
full, yet “slimming”, give them energy, help them lean up, get their
nutrients, or they’re just bored of the usual toast, oatmeal, cereals, eggs,
smoothies, and other “breakfast-type stuff.”
Here’s a quick summary of my answer:
1.) Ideal breakfast is one that is high
in protein and fiber, which also contains some good carbs. To avoid feeling
heavy or bloated, keep your portions reasonable or split it in half for two
smaller breakfasts to graze throughout the morning. Also, chances are, if
you’re fueling up with the right nutrients, you will not need to eat a lot to
feel light, energized and satisfied until lunch.
2.) Think outside the box. Breakfast
DOES NOT have to be the “usual breakfast stuff.” Who says breakfast
can’t be what you would eat for “lunch”? If you look into other
cultures and different countries, they are eating rice, soup, curry, fish, you
name it, for breakfast. I bet you’ve even had “lunch” sandwiches and
wraps for breakfast, and at some point, even had “breakfast-style”
eggs for dinner, right?
3.) Examples for breakfast: A light
quinoa salad with some lean protein such as canned tuna. Or small piece of
salmon with greens, add a little brown rice. You need the energy in the day for
all your running around…so why not fuel up? You can eat a lighter lunch or
dinner if you’d like.

Or for convenience, you can make a big
lunch and have some of it for breakfast. That’s what I did when I was prepping
for my last few weeks before competitions in order to further lean up, and to
avoid any chance of bloating or feeling lethargic in the process. I would
prepare few days worth of sweet potato, chicken breast and broccoli and have it
for breakfast and lunch for the days leading up to show time!
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