Penny Phang | Healthy Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Trainer | Get Fit, Strong and Empowered in 12 Weeks | Body Transformation Program

I credit my business and success to my amazing clients.

Because of them, I’m inspired to challenge myself – to learn more, to do better. I see them as part of my business team. Without them there is no growth or future.

This page was created for you to meet a few of them and read what they have to say. :)



“I was completely blown away at how much I learned from the program and how inspiring it was; it was truly transformative!”
Kaitlin Lane, Toronto, Ontario

“I now live in a more purposeful, joyful way, and know how to manifest the life I want! I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Mindy Dreith, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Thanks to this program I feel so empowered knowing how to create my own reality! I feel so good mentally, physically and emotionally!”

Stephanie Wong, Montreal, Quebec

“I’m still riding on a high with the words of wisdom and practices. I highly recommend this program to live our best fullest life.”

Marc Devigne, Toronto, Ontario

“Penny’s program helped my body, mind, and soul heal. I’ve finally been able to completely transform my body and the way I think about it.”

Havana Holland, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I’ve genuinely grown in so many ways. I feel incredibly blessed to have been empowered by Penny’s program on my journey.”

Michael King, London, England

“Penny truly inspires! I feel so empowered knowing now how to use mind, emotions and energy in a more positive and productive way.”

Dianne Oliveira, Toronto, Ontario

“Today I feel AMAZING! I’m happier, stronger, healthier and more confident than I have ever been and I owe that to Penny!”

Jennifer O’Neil, San Francisco, California
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