The Emotional Vibrational Scale (also known as the scale of consciousness) can give you an incredibly deep understanding of yourself and the world around you so you can deliberately attract more quality experiences into your life.

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** This Emotional Scale is provided by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his company Veritas Publishing.

Acid and Alkaline Food List Chart

This scale reveals how each human emotion offers a vibrational frequency and has been assigned a numerical value.

Enlightenment sits on the top with a value of 1000. And shame on the bottom with a value of 20.

Everything that physically or energetically exists, whether it’s a person, an object, an idea or a belief, vibrates somewhere along this scale.

How high up something is on this scale determines how far it has come in the evolution of humanity; whether it has attained enlightenment; whether it’s still stuck in a fearful survival mode; or whether it’s somewhere in between.


Here are some interesting and sometimes controversial examples of the scale of consciousness:

Many religions started off at 1000, the highest possible level of enlightenment. But today some of them have dropped to anywhere between 100-900 as a result of misinterpretation.

Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, their vibrational frequency is at 700 — which rests above love and in the lower level of enlightenment.

Music from the Beatles vibrates at 520 – level of love.

The racial supremacy groups vibrate at 150 – level of anger.

The US marine corps vibrate at 175 – level of pride.

But here’s the most staggering revelation of all. As a result of negative programming and energy blockages, 85% of human population falls below 200, fluctuating between the levels of shame and pride.

And so it is throughout your life you will attract people, objects, ideas and situations that vibrate at a level similar to you.

So if your vibration is stuck at 200 you would mostly be rejecting good things from easily coming into your life. For example: lasting health, wealth, joy, true love, healthy relationships.

Whereas, if your vibration is high at 500 or above, then every area of your life will drastically improve.

BONUS: For more emotions pertaining to the Emotional Vibrational Scale,
please refer to this CHART below:

Emotional Vibrational CHART


Find out the current state of your energy and where you mostly vibrate on the Emotional Vibrational Scale

Are you aware of the current state of your energy? Do you know where you’re energetically vibrating along the Emotional Vibrational Scale?

Being aware of what’s most active in your vibration is key to taking accountability for your “reality” at work, wellness and relationships. Awareness and accountability are the first steps to being a Deliberate Creator of your ideal reality; and this opens you up to infinite possibilities!

When you know the state of your energy you can make deliberate choices to shift it to serve you. You can leverage the powerful current of life and have more creative control over your outcome.

So let’s begin!

And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime if you need further assistance.

Your Balance Wheel

Use the blank Balance Wheel pie chart (provided for you further below on this page) to rate each key area of your life. You’ll notice each piece of the pie within the circle indicates a specific key area in your life (as labeled).

The 7 Key Areas of Life

Ask yourself: “Is each key area in my life currently more of an asset or more of a liability?”

1.) Physical
How do you feel about your health, fitness, vitality, physical appearance?

2.) Intellectual
Do your beliefs about life in general help or hinder you from having quality experiences?

3.) Emotional
How well do you understand your emotions and deal with them positively?

4.) Spiritual
How in tuned are you with your inner being? Do you see more abundance around you or more lack? Do you feel the flow of life often? Do you prefer to let go judgment, resentment and blame in exchange for inner peace? Do you have a strong understanding and acceptance of the diversity and contrast you see around you?

5.) Relationships
How do you feel about the overall state of all your relationships, i.e. friendships, love/romance, family, community?

Yes, your feelings for one relationship can be very different from the other. For example, you may feel good (or accepting) of the relationship with your lover and not so good (or accepting) of the one with your parents. This is why you have to consider all your relationships and rate the “overall health” for this category.

6.) Environment
How do you feel about where you live, your surroundings, your quality of life?

7.) Livelihood
How do you feel about your finances, your career, your calling, your hobby?

** The acronym for the 7 key areas of life: PIESREL

When you’re ready, please rate each key area of your life on a scale of 1-10 using our own customized CSM Number Scale 1-10 below. (*CSM stands for Clean Slate Mastery.)

CSM Number Scale rating:

1 – Always Low
2 – Mostly Low
3 – Low Enough
4 – So-So
5 – Good Enough
6 – Good
7 – Great
8 – Excellent
9 – More Than I Can Ask For
10 – Can’t Ask For Better

Be as truthful as you can. This is important because you have to really know where you are first in order to know where you can go.

Write down the first number that pops into your mind for each key area. Don’t take too long or think too hard. The first number is usually the most accurate number.

Then, use a pencil or pen to shade in the layers for each of the 7 individual pies within the circle. The number of layers you shade should reflect the number rating you assigned each key area.

CSM Emotion Scale 1-10

To find out the current state of your energy, use the CSM Emotion Scale 1-10 provided below.

The CSM Emotion Scale 1-10 corresponds with the CSM Number Scale 1-10 to not only reveal to you your current relationship (primary emotional state) with each key area of your life, but it also reveals where you’re currently vibrating on the Emotional Vibrational Scale. Here’s how:

Simply add up all the numbers from the 7 key ratings and divide it by 7. The number you’re then left with is a good gauge of where you vibrate on the Emotional Vibrational Scale. (*Please refer to the Examples shown below to get more clarity).