Sometimes, you have to NOT BE in
order to BECOME. For me, this means there was self pity and self hate before
there was self love and courage. A lot of guilt and doubt before learning to be
unapologetic and standing strong for what I believe in.
Rarely do I experience those
negative emotions nowadays, but every now and again depending on where life
takes me, those negative emotions do try to creep their way back into my life,
but that’s OK because there’s beauty in that — it serves as a kind reminder of
how far I’ve come, and how quickly I can now snap out of it. 

I know you have similar
experiences, so try to remember how far you’ve come. No matter how tough things
got, through all the thick and thin, somehow you made it. You managed to arrive
at where you are today, safe and sound. I find that so beautifully fascinating
… Don’t you?