Congrats to my client Tamara for staying on course with her health and
fitness regimen after giving birth. She chose to take a slow and steady
approach working out 2 (sometimes 3) times a week and enjoying her foods in a
balance way, whether eating out or eating in. 
Tamara is not at the finish line yet as she wants to achieve more results
continuing with her slow and steady approach. As she moves forward from here,
she will continue to achieve a healthier, stronger, tighter, and toner body.
She knows the KEY is to be consistent and patient as she takes this
“scenic” route.
She is a good example to show you this: Whether you take your time and
follow your health and fitness regimen slowly (and patiently watch results
unfold), or you go hard (to try and get results quicker), either way, as long
as you stay on course, you WILL get to the finish line. So the speed at which
you get to the finish line (achieve your ideal result) is totally up to you. 

The most important step to take is the step to “start.” So if
you’ve been contemplating and procrastinating on achieving a healthier, better
mind and body, don’t wait much longer. If you don’t enter the race now, how do
you expect to cross the finish line?