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Let go the “weight of the past” through the path of most fun and self-love

People of all ages (20’s to 70’s) come to me for guidance. Some think they’re “too old” to get in shape, “too young” “too busy” “have had too many babies” or just not sure where to start. Some even think they’re “genetically doomed” in some way.

So of course, all these “stories” usually lead to unnecessary limiting beliefs about what they can or cannot achieve with their bodies.

Some even feel they’ve tried everything and nothing worked, or they can’t sustain it. Even worst, some think that something is “wrong” with their bodies.

In this 4-week program you quickly learn that there’s nothing “wrong” with anything. For the most part, it is your long-held limiting beliefs that can lead to a less-than-ideal experience.

You get to discover that replacing those “old stories” (old pattern of beliefs) with fresh, empowering insight can offer you a clean slate jumpstart to a healthier, happier relationship with your miraculous body!

Get ready for…

An empowering journey within to let go the “weight of the past”

“I lost 13 pounds, 6 inches learning to eat more.”
— Marv Reekie, 53 years young

“Couldn’t believe I lost 11 pounds, 4 inches!”
— Cindy Churchill, 43 years young

”I lost 10 pounds, over 4 inches in only 4 weeks.”
— Nigel Meakin, 51 years young

“10 pounds, many inches! Never felt healthier!”
— Bonnie Richmond, 59 years young

“Lost 10 pounds, over 4 inches – had fun doing it!”
— Joel Guberman, 68 years young

“My energy is up! I lost 10 pounds, over 6 inches.”
— Julia Giannini, 37 years young

• Learn proven nutrition strategies to rid of bloat/unhealthy weight
• Jumpstart fat-burn, energy and vitality to achieve/sustain results
• Learn short effective bodyweight exercises to facilitate results
• Receive full-support coaching via videos/texts/calls for 4 weeks


The next 4-week challenge begins July 12th, 2021

$1197 (CAD) plus applicable taxes

The Standard Program includes your customized plan, one-on-one call, full support, plus private and group coaching

July 12th Challenge
Sign-up ends July 4th at 6pm EST
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$1797 (CAD) plus applicable taxes

The Premium Program is an Exclusive One-On-One Coaching so you get to start the 4-week program whenever you’d like. No waiting! In addition to this, you also receive extra support to cater to your unique needs, get your customized plan, one-on-one call, and private coaching.

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Results Guaranteed. Have questions? Book your free call with me here to ask anything.
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Julia, 37
10 pounds, over 6 inches

Marv, 53
13 pounds, 6 inches

Bonnie, 59
10 pounds, many inches

Lauren, 29 – (6 weeks)
16 pounds, 7 inches

Marv, 53 – (10 weeks)
31 pounds, many inches