4-Week Body Empowerment Challenge

A 4-week online wellness challenge to jumpstart your weight loss journey while building a happier, healthier relationship with your body (with an expert coach “in your pocket” supporting you every step of the way!)

If you’re ready to feel lighter, healthier and more energized, then you’re going to love this 4-week body empowerment program!

You’ve tried to get healthy, lose weight (belly fat/bloat), get in shape on your own only to have little to no progress, or no real lasting changes.

Perhaps you want to stop feeling low energy, heavy, unhealthy and uncertain about what to do to start feeling good in your body now?

You may even think that your age (or hormones) could be the main reason you’re having a tough time losing belly fat or unhealthy pounds.

Or you’re someone who’s just tired of yo-yo dieting, counting calories or quick fixes that are not sustainable and make you feel stressed or deprived in the process.

Maybe you’re among those who feel like you can’t control your cravings, you tend to eat more when stressed or feeling emotional, and all you want is a healthier relationship with your body and food?

If ANY of this resonates with you even a little, then it’s no “coincidence” that you landed here to discover this program.

You truly deserve to feel good in your body now!

Keep reading and I’ll fill you in on everything!

Most people believe their age or past story dictates what they can or cannot achieve with their body.

But here’s the thing, those are all limiting beliefs!

The truth?…

It’s all about STRATEGY!

Frankly, I have to admit even I fell for limiting beliefs at one time and tried to conform with “the norm” when it came to being strong, healthy and fit:

•  Do lots of cardio and do longer training (the more the better)
•  Eat only healthy foods (and don’t expect them to taste great)
•  Eat as little as possible for weight loss (try to eat only salads)
•  Depend on supplements (believe the commercials on TV)
•  You’ll get weaker as you age (and your metabolism will go too)

And though it never felt “right” to me, however, I went along with it all, simply because I didn’t know any better.

At the time, in my early 30’s, I was also struggling with deep depression and PTSD, my body was so unhealthy, I was stressed and desperate to feel good that I’d try anything!

And so for me, it was through trial and error (aka, learning the long, hard way over time), that I discovered more effective ways to treat the body.

With that, not only was I able to heal myself of those mental challenges, but in the process, I also transformed my body to become super healthy, strong and fit!

I still remember the news, media and people in general saying things like “Just wait till you hit 40. Your body will change!” (And they didn’t mean, in a good way.)

Well, I’m now 47 and I’m stronger, healthier and more fit today in my 40’s than I ever was in my 30’s or 20’s!

And I know I’m only going to get better over time with what I now know for sure about our body and wellness.

What I know for sure is this:

Aiming to get healthy or lose weight should not overwhelm, disappoint or stress you.

Your program should not be restrictive in food variety and abundance.

It should not compromise your health with too many supplements, training like crazy or doing too much cardio.

THAT is not fun, nor sustainable for life!

That way of doing things is old and out-dated. There’s a more effective way!

What does that look like?

•  Cardio is not the secret. It’s something you add to your regimen, especially if you enjoy it but it’s not necessary in the way that you think.

•  Three times per week training is sufficient. Twice would be fine too. It’s about quality not quantity if you know what you’re doing.

•  Take in proper nutrition, eat a variety of foods, and this includes enjoying your “fun foods” (i.e. wine, desserts, cheese, etc.) but learn to do it right.

•  Dieting and deprivation is NOT part of the equation! Neither is counting calories.

•  Last but not least, age and past stories, they do not define your worth or results. Your mindset does.

My style of coaching this way has not only helped thousands of people just like you achieve real sustainable results, but it has made me a wellness weight loss expert who can confidently tell you this:

Please don’t get carried away with all the out-dated, fitness and wellness nonsense out there!

There are many “truths” out there as there are wellness and weight loss programs. So you MUST find your truth!

Your truth should leave you feeling excited and empowered — not deprived, doubtful or defeated — EVER!