Want to finally lose that belly fat?
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“In 9 days I lost 8 lbs eating more, stressing less!”
— Marv Reekie

“I lost 7 lbs, feel energized – it’s only been 9 days!”
— Laura Embree

“In 4 weeks I lost 10 lbs and over 6 inches.”
— Julia Giannini

“Down 8 lbs, over 7 inches in waist, hips, thighs!”
— Bonnie Richmond

“I lost 16 lbs and 7 inches overall in 6 weeks!”
— Lauren Geenan

“In 2 weeks I already lost 7 lbs and over 3 inches.”
— Taha Patoli

• Jumpstart fat-burn with easy-to-follow nutrition strategies
• Learn short effective workout strategies to facilitate results
• Receive full coaching support via texts and calls for 4 weeks

Join The 4-Week Challenge Now – $450 CAD

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Is This Program For You?

This 4-week program is for you if you want to lose belly fat and/or stubborn pounds, but have been unsuccessful; or just need a strong direction to jumpstart your energy to better health, fitness snd vitality!


• You learn to enjoy food to stay in shape — not starve or go on a fad diet.

• You learn to loosen up the “glue” (aka traffic jam) you may have in the belly.

• You learn how you need only 2 short strategic workouts a week to get results.

BONUS: You gain FULL support from me during the 4 weeks where we continue to communicate via text message daily if you choose. I’ll be available to coach you as you go, so you never have to guess or doubt what you’re doing or eating for your body size, activity level and goals!

The Problem

Our bodies have a built-in ability to detox! The problem is we don’t always learn the foods that help our bodies perform this natural process. Overtime this can cause inflammation in our bodies, which can often result in unnecessary weight gain, bloating, or worst, lack of vitality.

Most of us have so much built-up from so-called “healthy foods” and “unhealthy foods” over the years that it can get to a point where making a change with our body becomes hard to do. Instead of our insides functioning with flow, it’s “stuck” like glue, making healthy weight or fat loss more challenging!

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you!”

The most effective way to make a change in your body is when you have a clean slate to work with!

Yes, this means in our 4 weeks together, you’re going to “reboot” your system to get your body to respond more efficiently! You’re going to show your body that it’s safe to go from “fight or flight” mode to a homeostasis mode (state of balance).

When this happens, you get to witness from your body how sometimes doing less can be more! You’ll learn it’s not always about the work-OUT, it’s more about the work-IN because 75% of staying in shape comes from what you put IN your body.


* Eat well to shrink – no “dieting”

* Train smart, train less – gain more

* Aim for quality in life over quantity

* Listen to your body, not “somebody”

* Stress less – love yourself more

World Class Coaching

As a dedicated and result-driven wellness and fitness specialist, it is my mission to help as many people around the world live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle – to be strong and fit in body, mind and spirit.

I thrive on seeing you succeed! Nothing satisfies me more than to see you achieve your best wellness and fitness goals.

Along this journey, I’ve also learned that being a good coach and trainer does not make me a leader.

What makes me a leader in my field is my never-ending commitment to search for the most effective methods to help you excel in your wellness and fitness goals.

This means going above and beyond the call of duty.

If you’re ready for REAL CHANGE, let me be the one to train and coach you.

Shrink your waistline in 4 weeks!

Let’s make it happen! I’m here FOR YOU.

Penny Phang | Wellness Coach | Fitness Trainer | Weight Loss Expert