Question For Penny: 
I know I’m supposed to stretch after my
workouts. I understand that. And I hear I’m supposed to stretch even if I don’t
workout. But if I’m not sore, can I just skip it? 
All your regular “daily” routine such as
running around doing errands, prolonged sitting, sleeping funny, repetitive
movements such as tensing your shoulders when texting or when using a computer
keyboard, etc., puts a lot of stress on the body whether you know it or
Don’t wait till you feel sore or feel
any other discomfort before you desperately attempt to reverse the effects. It
could be too late by then. In the long term (if not the short), your body is
going to talk back and stop taking all the abuse. And trust me, you will FEEL
it!! So don’t take your body’s resilience for granted — don’t keep taking
without giving back. Care for it fairly if you want it to perform well for
In addition to us demanding so much from
our bodies, to be fair, we should find ways to give back through healthy
lifestyle habits such as sound nutrition, meditation, deep breathing, exercise
and STRETCH! It’s so important to relax your tense muscles and maintain their
healthy range of motion. 
And on top of that, if you workout or
like to stay active, don’t even think about skipping stretching. There is NO
room for compromise here. You must maintain flexibility for ease of movement
and less stress in your daily life, whether you workout or not.
I have to credit the strength of my body
to the fact that I stretch. I wouldn’t be able to perform as well if I were to
focus on strength training and cardio without also including my stretches.
There has to be a balance, like most things in life.
Here, I’ve put together a simple
sequence of stretches you can perform everyday at home or after your workouts
to nurture all your major muscles, release tension (especially in your back)
and recover from soreness. I’ve added modifications to these moves so that no
matter how old, how new or how advance you are, you will enjoy them and will
want to do them regularly — especially when you start to feel improvements in
your daily movements and notice less tension or pain in your body. Happy
stretching! :)