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During this thought-provoking co-creation experience, you’ll discover:

  • How to shift your focus/energy to handle challenging situations through the path of least resistance
  • How to override old ways of dealing with challenging thoughts/emotions to experience more freedom
  • How to let go struggle and force to make room for better situations, clearer decisions and inspired action
  • How to realize your amazing potential to team up with your Higher Self (your Spirit) to gain personal power
  • How to “catch and release” self-imposed limitations and open up to creative ideas and spiritual guidance

Leverage challenging emotions to gain personal power, feel good and do the things that are important to you with ease

What if you were programmed from an early age to recognize emotions as your greatest friends? Could your life experiences be more enriching today?

What if you got a peek into how our energy world works and deliberately leverage that energy to work in your favour? Could you experience more satisfaction, even during challenging situations?

Good news is, there’s nothing standing in your way of leveraging your emotions right now.

However, when you don’t yet understand what’s going on behind the scenes of your emotions, you may not fully utilize them (especially the challenging ones) to tap into your spiritual wealth and enrich even your most challenging days.

When you learn this important inner work to allow your emotions to help you “team up” with your Inner Being (that deeper presence within you), you gain true personal power to do the things that are important to you without struggle or force.

You gain a higher vantage point to live life the way you were meant to live! Joyfully and freely!

In this 2-hour life empowerment session, Penny guides you on a fun journey inward to elevate self-efficacy to overcome setbacks quicker, live with more fulfillment, while strengthening your spiritual connection.

Endorsement & Testimonials

Penny’s solution “changes the game“!

Her approach to human empowerment opens new pathways to natural, sustainable, solutions, offering a powerful perspective beyond conventional method of thinking, being, doing and gaining emotional resilience.

Prepare to embark on a co-creation journey with Penny’s “Evolve and Elevate” series of empowerment sessions to enhance your emotional resilience and physical performance in life (health, fitness, relationships and work).

Penny will help you unlock all the potential and opportunity inside you. Her methods are uniquely hers alone and cannot be simply outsourced – or prescribed over the counter. It requires a personal connection with only someone who can offer a holistic model of coaching and mentoring – and that is Penny’s model.

In my view, Penny is a one-of-a-kind coach who invests in people’s lives by “nurturing and enriching” their emotional and physical health; she will help you THRIVE, improving your life and the lives around you. 

— Patrick Walsh, Admiral, USN (Ret.) former commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Currently: President, Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep

Penny’s message of vibrational alignment is powerful. Her heart is filled with an amazing message that is so needed and appreciated. The world needs this. Simon Marples, Corporate Wealth Advisor at Cantrust Financial

It was truly transformative! Penny has an incredible gift of taking a daunting, complicated topic and breaking it down in a way that is completely understandable, relatable, and most importantly, attainable. I wished the seminar wouldn’t end! I left feeling empowered! I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in creating a wholehearted life.— Kaitlin Lane, Casting Agent at Mann Casting

Attending Penny’s seminar is one of those experiences that change you. It makes you very aware of the moment you are living. It is a shot of energy, positivity, hope and happiness that changes how you find focus in your daily life. — Paloma Arias, Commercial Project Manager at Turner Fleischer Architect

Penny is incredible on stage and most definitely knows her topic. Her wellness knowledge is second to none… plus, she lives what she teaches. She would make a great addition to any event! — Colin Sprake, CEO at Make Your Mark

Self Empower NOW

Private Events are currently held in Toronto, ON

More public event info soon!
  • Men Women ALL are welcome
  • 30-Minute Q&A after
  • Regular Rate: $105 + HST
  • EARLY BIRD 20% off: $85 + HST

Leverage challenging emotions to gain inner strength, feel good and do what’s important to you with ease

“I was completely blown away at how much I learned from the program and how inspiring it was; it was truly transformative!”
Kaitlin Lane, Toronto, Ontario

“I now live in a more purposeful, joyful way, and know how to manifest the life I want! I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Mindy Dreith, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Thanks to this program I feel so empowered knowing how to create my own reality! I feel so good mentally, physically and emotionally!”

Stephanie Wong, Montreal, Quebec

“I’m still riding on a high with the words of wisdom and practices. I highly recommend this program to live our best fullest life.”