4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program (CAD $)

4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program (CAD $)


Welcome… I’ve been expecting you! 🙂

• Jumpstart fat-burn with easy-to-follow nutrition strategies
• Learn short effective workout strategies to facilitate results
• Receive full coaching support via texts and calls for 4 weeks

“In 9 days I lost 8 lbs eating more, stressing less!”
— Marv Reekie

“I lost 7 lbs, feel energized – it’s only been 9 days!”
— Laura Embree

“In 4 weeks I lost 10 lbs and over 6 inches.”
— Julia Giannini

“Down 8 lbs, over 7 inches in waist, hips, thighs!”
— Bonnie Richmond

“I lost 16 lbs and 7 inches overall in 6 weeks!”
— Lauren Geenan

“In 2 weeks I already lost 7 lbs and over 3 inches.”
— Taha Patoli


You’re just one click away! I can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!! 🙂


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