4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program (CAD $)

4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program (CAD $)


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Welcome… I’ve been expecting you! :)

• Learn proven nutrition strategies to rid of bloat/unhealthy weight

• Jumpstart fat-burn, energy and vitality to achieve/sustain results

• Learn short effective bodyweight exercises to facilitate results

• Receive full-support coaching via videos/texts/calls for 4 weeks

“I lost 13 pounds, 6 inches learning to eat more.”
— Marv Reekie, 53 years young

“Couldn’t believe I lost 11 pounds, 4 inches!”
— Cindy Churchill, 43 years young

”I lost 10 pounds, over 4 inches in only 4 weeks.”
— Nigel Meakin, 51 years young

“10 pounds, many inches! Never felt healthier!”
— Bonnie Richmond, 59 years young

“Lost 10 pounds, over 4 inches – had fun doing it!”
— Joel Guberman, 68 years young

“My energy is up! I lost 10 pounds, over 6 inches.”
— Julia Giannini, 37 years young


You are just one click away! Looking forward to welcoming you on board! :)

2 reviews for 4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program (CAD $)

  1. Susanna

    I started my program with Penny because I had major gut issues, bloating/cramping all related to endometriosis. Penny immediately made her herself available to help me on my journey to get my gut in better shape. It’s been a life changing experience. I had no clue how to clean up my diet and be able to pinpoint the foods upsetting my stomach. Pennys guidance helped me understand what I needed to do to stay healthy while fixing my gut issues. During the 4 weeks Penny checked in on me daily, whether it was phone calls, text messages or voice notes. This helped me stay accountable and allow us to pivot when something wasn’t working. Penny was always so thoughtful and caring throughout my experience with her, I would definitely recommend her!

  2. Tom Little

    In 28 days I lost 12 pounds and 4.5 inches. Penny’s program is absolutely transformational. It feels like a complete reversal of my bad habits. I feel great again! As a coach, Penny is fully engaged, highly motivational and enormously inspirational. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking for a more active and healthy lifestyle. Penny, thanks again, sincerely, for helping me find my way.

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