plough through this real quick to show you your SHORT and SWEET kick-a**
workout today!
going to cover your chest, back, arms, and push those legs pass their comfort
level to chisel them into shape, all while getting your cardio in to boot!
in mind, there are only 3 exercises and I’m showing them real quick, but you
have to complete each exercise for 10 reps, and repeat the entire sequence five
rounds. Take a 30-60 second break between rounds.
don’t worry, I’ll also provide you with an idea on how to modify the workout if
you’re somewhat new to this. So if you don’t have a BOSU ball, don’t worry. You
can use a stool or a step, anything that doesn’t move and will give you some
elevation to assist you. The BOSU is meant to add challenge to the workout as
it is an unstable surface. :-) 

performing the bent over 2-arm row, remember to keep your back neutral, abs
braced, knees slightly bent, and please, use a pair of weights that is
challenging enough that you want to grunt on your last 2 reps.