The Courage to Be Someone New


Sometimes my clients would joke around and say things like, “Penny you make it look easy,” or “Penny you’re so lucky”.

Truth is, I haven’t always been a lucky Penny.

Most people wouldn’t know the extent of my past and the physical abuse I endured throughout my childhood and adolescent years.

Though those wounds have healed, they’re not forgotten.

They’ve taught me so much… and they continue to teach me even till today.

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I remember a time when I was 9 years old.

I was playing by myself after school, right outside the gates of the school, next to a ditch — a filthy, smelly, wet ditch.

I remember sweat trickling down the side of my forehead.

It was another hot and humid day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I was born and raised.

As I was playing and wiping sweat off my forehead, I accidentally slipped and fell into the ditch.

Next thing I knew, I was brutally punished and severely beaten… for being “stupid” and “useless”.

I remember being dragged by my hair from the front of the house all the way to the back of the house.

I was screaming and crying in pain and fear.

And my head… my head hurt so bad… it felt as though a thousand needles were prickling through my scalp.

I held my head to try and pull back some hair and release some pain… and I could feel my hair falling off.

I didn’t have much hair to begin with, so my hair falling off just crushed my little heart even more!

Next thing I knew, some form of chemical was poured on me.

And then I was threatened… with a match… that I would be burned… that I was not loved… and I was not wanted.

I screamed so hard. I kept saying I’m sorry. I screamed until I lost my voice.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

And so it goes. I lived in varying degrees of fear each day growing up.

Some days were less intense, and some days were almost as intense.

At an age where most little girls were playing with their dolls and planning their next play-date, I was trying to figure out how to end the pain.

I was contemplating on how to kill myself.

And so, my first suicide attempt was at 9 years old.

Because I didn’t feel safe or loved growing up, all the pain and trauma led me down a really lonely and unforgiving journey into deep depression, suicidal attempts and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I was sick… and I didn’t even know I was sick.

I thought it was somewhat normal to feel so much pain all the time.

I perfected a smile on the outside, while inside I suffered flash backs of abuse and pain, and was often paralyzed by fear and doubt.

I got away with living like that for a while, but hitting one rock bottom after another, it all caught up to me.

I knew I needed to heal. But how? Who do I turn to? Where do I even begin?

I was so embarrassed by the way I felt, I didn’t want to tell anyone.

No doctors (no medications), no counsellors, no confidants.

Once again, I contemplated suicide…

Or… this time, take charge of my life?

The Courage To Be Someone New
The Courage To Be Someone New
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Penny's Childhood Story and Journey | Clean Slate Mastery

Honestly, I was back and forth about this for a while until it hurt so much inside that I decided to take charge!

I must admit, after deciding on this, things did not get easier. But I was getting better. There were little “rewards” along the way.

I did anything and everything I could to heal.

I delved deep into self-help and self-healing books, videos, research, self-reflection and meditation.

I learned from anyone I felt I could benefit from, and this included leaving behind people whom I felt were not contributing to my healing.

Today, I’m grateful for everything I’ve been able to do for myself to heal.

Everything that was once “wishful thinking” is now my everyday reality.

I am fit, strong and healthy, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Penny's Childhood Story and Journey | Clean Slate Mastery

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My purpose is to help you get STRONG, FIT and EMPOWERED! This drives me each day to strive for excellence in improvements and results.

With the help of today’s technology and digital platforms, I’ve been able to reach out and help thousands of people across the globe live a healthier lifestyle.

During this journey, I learned that being a good coach and trainer does not make me a leader. What makes me a leader in my field is my never-ending commitment to search for the most effective methods to help you excel in your wellness and fitness goals.

This means going above and beyond the call of duty.

This means delivering real results and standing out from the crowd of other excellent leaders.

This means inspiring not only my clients, but all those who are looking to get fit, strong and empowered.

If you’re ready for real change, let me be the one to coach you.

Let’s make you matter – together!

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With love, Penny xo
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