Keeping things simple, fun, and just plain smart!

taken a lengthy break from sharing any kind of wellness-fitness-related-work on
social media… for good reasons.
focused on my private coaching/training business while I took my time to figure
out a different approach to “sharing information”.
almost a year of exploring this idea, I am now even more convinced: Life DOES
NOT have to be complicated, but somehow, we continue to make it so. Let’s stop
this unhealthy momentum right now!
things CAN be kept simple, yet remain effective. Workouts can be minimal, yet
transformative. Healthy recipes can be delicious and easy. Helpful information
can be simple, yet significant.
goal from here on is to break down fancy words and complicated explanation. The
intention is to keep everything simple, fun, and just plain smart.
ready to press the reset button — together! 😉 Stay tuned for further insights
and inspiration on everything wellness and fitness in the coming days. — with
those who are still following me, thank you so much for your love and patience.
You did not go unnoticed. ♥)
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I am a speaker, coach, trainer and master facilitator for all things empowering. But most importantly, I choose to be a conduit for greater good. I believe in keeping the body moving, smiling with the entire face, laughing out loud and having wine with dinner. If you want to get educated, empowered and elevated, you've come to the right place. Grab your favourite beverage and join me here where I offer tips and inspiration on all things wellness and fitness.

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  1. Linda Fairy April 11, 2017 at 8:05 am - Reply

    Thanks Penny! I agree with you that getting into shape and losing weight need not be complicated. Shedding the extra pounds is difficult enough so providing a process that is clean and mean is the right move. My sister tried the 3 Day Military Diet when nothing seemed to be working for her. It was a simple low carb diet that has a variety of food such as greens, fruits and lean meat. I love that it has made her more knowledgeable about the right eating habits, portion control and calorie counting. For more of her diet, see here:

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