You can always have a delicious and nutritious
meal ready to go, without a lot of work. Let me show you how!
Almost 5 weeks out from competition. To ensure
you always have a good meal ready to go, it helps to plan and prepare in
advance. For example, instead of baking one piece of chicken breast, you want
to bake 4-5 pieces to last you several meals. Prepare your veggies and rice in
advance. This way, grabbing a good meal on the go can be simple, healthy and

Keeping things nutritious, clean and lean at this
stage is very important, hence, choosing chicken breast over thighs; using
flavour-spices that are low to zero in sodium and sugar; using good oils and
fats that your body can use; baking, boiling and steaming instead of other
options that can add unwanted calories and promote bad health such as frying.