We are all
the same. Deep down, at the core of each and everyone of us, we all have the
same needs. We may be different in our approach, but that does not make us all
that “different.” We all have the capacity to love and to hate, to be
kind and to be destructive, to be hurtful and to be caring. 
people have so much battling in their mind, they may temporarily lose their way
(or lose themselves). It could very well be you, or me. So before we judge
others who have done “wrong” or did things we do not agree with,
perhaps we should have some compassion and be thankful that life hasn’t yet
provoked us enough to show our own dark colors.
Even if
you haven’t yet been pushed to completely unleash your distasteful side, it
doesn’t mean that given the “right” circumstances, you wouldn’t
become “that person” you dislike. So as it stands, you would be wiser
to have compassion, understanding, and deep acceptance that life is challenging
for each of us… and that you and I are equal — no matter what our exterior
may show.
Deep down
we are no different. Whatever it is that we are doing, we are doing it because
we all want to be happy, we all want to be safe, and we all want to be
loved. No matter how you look at it, you really only have one ultimate goal; and that is, fulfillment. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it because
you want to feel fulfilled in some way. 
Only YOU
know what truly fulfills you. So choose the things (attitude, people, places,
events, materials) that can bring more fulfillment to your life, and pay less
attention to the things that take you away from it. Try to keep it simple.
There’s no reason to make things complicated.
Don’t take
life so seriously to a point where you forget to be “child-like” — to
be young at heart. Remember, you have an inner child that lives deep
within you who needs nurturing and attention. Let that inner child out to play
often. Don’t lock them up and shut them down. It’s okay to cry, be angry,
get frustrated and feel sad. A child would not hide these feelings for they are
authentic… and so it is that you, too, are authentic when you express your
true emotions. 
Don’t lose
that inner child within who’s filled with love, wonder and compassion. Don’t
confine to logic all the time. Be courageous and use your imagination. Sure,
logic can get you from one place to the next, but imagination will take you
Use this
world as a discovery center. Explore everything as a child would. Get curious,
wonder, inquire, try new things, mess around with new ways of doing things, toy
with ideas, play with nature, venture out of your comfort zone. Don’t take
yourself so seriously… when something goes “wrong,” instead of
saying “Oh, no!” learn to say “Oh, well…”