It’s exactly 4 weeks out from the IDFA International (Fitness) Championships. It’s my day off from the gym but thought I do a quick shoulder workout to share with you.   
1.) Front raise
2.) Lateral raise
3.) Upright row with external rotation
4.) Shoulder press
5.) Rear delt swing
Start by warming up. Use a set of light weights and perform 10 reps of each shoulder exercise (1-5). Rest 30 seconds and repeat but use slightly heavier weights and start with exercise number 5 and work your way back up to exercise number 1 (5-1). 
Then challenge yourself with heavier weights and perform 5 reps of each exercise back to back. Repeat a total of 4-5 sets. 
With each set, change the order in which you perform the exercises. For example: Set 1 – start with exercise  number 1 and work through to exercise number 5. Set 2 – start with exercise number 5 and work backwards to exercise number 1. Repeat this method with each set, and keep your rest time between sets to a minimal (30-45 seconds).