Here is a
simple sequence of stretches you can perform everyday at home or after your
workouts to nurture all your major muscles, release tension (especially in your
back) and recover from soreness.
I’ve added
modifications to the moves so that no matter how old, how new or how
advance you are, you will enjoy them and will want to do them consistently…
especially when you start to feel improvements in your daily movements and
notice less tension or pain in your body. 
I cannot
stress how important it is for every one of you to stretch your muscles. Daily movements
(repetitive movements at work and at home), not enough movement, too much
movement or intense use of the body… ALL this can cause the muscles to
shorten, tense up or feel tight (stiff) and sore. As a result, you will lose
flexibility (range of motion), and become prone to injuries and
feeling aches and pains. 
ALL this,
then, decreases the comfort of your day-to-day movement; compromises your
athletic or fitness performance; and not to mention, causes you to experience
back problems sooner if not later. Strength training and cardio exercise
is good, but not good enough without the stretches. They have to go hand in hand. Most
people don’t realize this until it’s too late.
I have to
credit the strength of my body to the fact that I stretch. I wouldn’t be able
to perform as well if I were to focus on strength training and cardio without
also including my stretches. There has to be a balance, like most things in
Be patient
when stretching and keep breathing deeply. Be mindful as you move so you do
not overstretch or overdo it
because that can have a negative impact on your body as
well. Just move slowly, be mindful and listen to your body every step of the
way. Relax and enjoy! :)

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