People always ask me how I stay healthy without taking daily Vitamin C supplements.

Before I share, let me remind you that Vit C is not only essential for supporting your immune system but it facilitates ALL processes in the body, i.e. growth, repair, and YES, weight loss and fat burn too!

It’s best to consume it naturally through whole foods so it’s easier for the body to absorb and put it to use immediately.

This is why I like to get it straight from our fabulous Mother Nature!

And I don’t mess around either. If I’m going to consume something for the sake of getting Vit C, I go for the stuff that can seriously offer an abundance.

Here are my top 3:

1. Snow peas! You get roughly 60 mg of Vit. C in only 100 gram of snow peas. That’s 100% of your daily needed Vit C right there!

2. Red bell peppers! You get roughly 125 mg of Vit C in only 100 gram of peppers! That’s 2x what you need for the day! (Best eaten raw to maximize the nutrient value!)

3. Lemons! Squeeze in your water. You get roughly 50 mg per 100 gram of lemon. (Orange and strawberry also offer the same ballpark in Vit C, but be mindful how much you eat as they also offer more sugar!)

Here’s a BONUS one for ya!
Guava has roughly 225 mg per 100 gram. That’s almost 4x Vit C you need for the day!

Your body loves Vitamin C in natural form as it can more easily assimilate it over the synthetic “so-called natural” products/supplements.

I care about your vitality and believe you deserve nothing but the best for quality living!

This is why you’ll always hear from me sharing only the best I know, with you!