In this video, Penny shows you how to combine cardio and resistance training to maximize your workout, boost metabolism, and burn some MAJOR calories (fat), all while building strength, speed and endurance.

Please note: If you find this workout too advance, don’t worry, there are always ways to modify to suit your fitness level. Please see below for the modified version. (Oh, and no matter what fitness level you are, be sure to warm up the body with a light 5-10 minute overall body cardio. Ex. Treadmill, bike, elliptical, jogging on the spot, jump-jacks, etc. Warming up is VERY important, so please do not skip this process!)

Start slow, do a few practice sets before moving full speeds ahead. Try the modified version (below) before moving into the advance version (above). This way, you don’t hurt yourself. Not only that, you’ll give your body a chance to build up to these moves.

The key here is to be patient and consistent in your workout. Focus on good form before you try to go for speed! (Very important!)

Modified version of Penny’s Furiously Fast Fives:
Burpee knee tuck – Just perform a simple burpee. Either jump out or walk out into the plank position. And instead of jumping high and tucking your knees to your chest, just jump upright with hands in the air.

Knee tuck squats – Just do a simple squat with a small jump off the ground, land back into a squat or a half squat.
Weighted Squats – Just do the squats with lighter weights; or no weights with arms above your head or in front of you.
Arnold Press – Just use lighter weights and/or do a regular shoulder press.
Advance Plyo Push up – Just do a regular push up on your toes or on your knees.
Extra tips: A light, easy jog after an intense workout will do your body good for gradual cool down, to let go lactic acid and release tension. Also, be sure to spend a good 10 minutes stretching after any workout.