automatically assume I workout a lot, but the truth is, I don’t. 
I choose
to only spend 3 times a week doing short, but intense 30-40 minute
workouts. Resting days are so important for the body to recover, come back
strong, and prevent injuries for the long term.
people think only long and frequent workouts can be effective; but I’m glad to
say more and more people are now realizing that is not the case. 
If you
have a decent aerobic base (meaning, you can jog for 20 minutes straight while
still able to have a conversation), AND, if you can properly execute some basic
weight lifting exercises, you can now learn to do less and achieve more — keep
your workouts ever-changing, short and intense to burn maximum amount of
calories in a small amount of time, while getting super strong and fit.
The video
above is just a quick glimpse on how I get down and dirty in the gym. :) It’s
only a one minute video, but if you want to try and go head-to-head with me,
all the details are below, including tips on modification so even beginners can
try! :)
But first,
always spend 5-10 minutes warming up and mimicking the moves before you even
think about executing your first set of anything. And when done, always
stretch. Your body can only perform at its best given the proper warm up and
modify the moves to suit your fitness level. Here are the details on this
– 20 bench
jump into wide squat
– 12 push ups with toe taps
– 20
renegade rows
– 10 one-arm
reverse flyes (each arm)
– 12 wide
squat curl and row
the entire set of exercises for a total of 3-4 rounds.)
tips for beginners:
– Use less
weights and move slowly, you can always build up from there.
– Instead
of jumping on a high bench, use a much lower bench or stepper.
– Or
instead of jumping, just step up onto the stepper the same way you would walk up the
– When in
the prone position on the ground, you can go on your knees to do the exercises (but be sure to have something soft for your knees to rest on).

Be sure to
stretch after. Watch my video on How To Stretch All Your Major Muscles Without Pain. 
— If
you’re going to do something, always do your best. Your best will make you
better and leave you with no regrets.

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