Congrats to my amazing client, Clarissa, who chose to
take the slow and steady approach to weight loss. Not only is this method
healthy and sustainable, but it really allowed her to enjoy the balance in life
and not feel too much deprivation.
Could she have lost 40lbs sooner? Of course — if she
wanted to. I have clients who choose to get active on my program 4-5 days a
week, modifying a big part of their lifestyle to achieve results in half the
time — steadily losing 10 lbs a month. But that works for them. That’s why I
always say: to each their own. Some people like to go full speed ahead and can
sustain it in a healthy way, and some prefer the slow and steady approach.
There is no wrong answer. Whether you choose to move
fast, or slow, you will get there as long as you’re moving. The KEY is
Clarissa chose to workout 1-2 times a week, followed
by a major adjustment to the way she uses food to fuel her body. It worked best
for her to not push too hard or stress out over achieving results quickly. Even
when she fell off track for a while, she would come back around. She was
consistent. Great job!! :)
If you’ve been thinking of getting healthy and in shape, maybe it’s time to get started. Get moving — be it fast or slow! You
CANNOT get anywhere if you don’t start moving. Start somewhere, anywhere. Keep
it small and simple if you’d like, BUT be consistent.