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Health & Wellness Advice

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Slow and steady weight loss wins every time

Congrats to my client Tamara for staying on course with her health and fitness regimen after giving birth. She chose to take a slow and steady approach working out 2 (sometimes 3) times a week

Can you really eat more to weigh less?

Why do some people eat their hearts out, workout minimally (2x per week), and still look and feel great? It’s because they know how to “fuel” their bodies with the right foods. Allow me to

Diets can do more harm than good!

Diets can do more harm than good if you just follow along mindlessly without considering the long-term effects. There’s all kinds of diets out right now that ask that for many days in a row,

Weight loss is not the same for each person

Every person has the ability to reach a healthy weight.  Because every “body" is unique, each person’s weight loss (or weight gain) experience may vary. Your progress can depend on many factors such as food