Health isn’t just what you’re eating. It’s what you’re thinking and what you’re saying.

I’ll keep this as simple as possible.

Everything that exists in this world is made up of energy, therefore, offers a vibration.

What you think, feel, say, and do also offers an energetic vibration.

Things that feel good offer a higher vibration, and things that don’t feel good offer a lower vibration.

And things that offer similar vibrational frequencies will attract themselves to each other.

So you see, true health isn’t just about what you eat and how you exercise.

True health is about you choosing to offer a high vibration.

For example, illness vibrates at a very low frequency. So if you are predominately vibrating on a higher note about the topic of health, you’re not going to experience illness often, if at all, because it is not a vibrational match to you.

The KEY is to keep choosing thoughts, emotions, words and things that make you feel amazing and keep your vibration high. :)