Train Smart, Train Less, Achieve More!

Getting fit, strong and in shape is not about how long your workouts should be. It’s more about strategy! Quality over quantity!

Try the workouts below: 5 dynamic exercises. 60 seconds each. Repeat 2 rounds for Tight in Ten Minutes or repeat 5 rounds for Fit in 5ive!

You can also mix and match! Choose 10 of your favourite exercises (for Tight in Ten). 60 seconds each. Total of 10 minutes! Or repeat 5 rounds (for Fit in 5ive) — if you dare! ;)

While you train, connect with me to set up a personalized nutrition plan for you to strategically pair with your workouts to accelerate your results!

And if you prefer a customized workout program that best suits your needs, I’d be more than happy to discuss that with you as well.

Connect with me here to find out the best nutrition plan for you to pair with your workout. Accelerate your fitness goals!
  • Be sure to eat right for your body type.

  • Find out the best nutrition plan for you.

  • Pair up your foods with your workout.

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