With lots that can happen in a day it’s easy to say you don’t have time to
eat well to achieve your health and fitness goals. But here’s the thing:
there’s always time. If you make something a priority, you will always find a
way to make time for it.
And so for me, to make it work, I strive to be more efficient with my time.
This includes finding ways to get things done quicker without compromising
Here’s how I get my fit and healthy breakfasts ready in less than 3

Breakfast in less than 3 minutes: Scrambled eggs with red peppers

Other than my staple oatmeal (or toast), and protein shake, I might also have scrambled eggs (or omelet) with peppers. Add your favorite herbs, spices, or health-conscious sauces for more flavor if you like. :) 

For me, I like to add a little hot sauce and sprinkle pepper. I also like to save time and prepare ingredients in advance so it won’t take more than 3 minutes to cook.

Breakfast in 2 minutes: Make oatmeal taste like dessert!

Oatmeal is one of the best sources of energy for your
body. This iconic breakfast staple is especially popular with health and
fitness-conscious individuals. It keeps you full so you don’t binge, helps
lower bad cholesterol reducing the risk of heart disease, reduces the risk of
type-2 diabetes, increases your body’s fat-burning capabilities, and it’s a
good source of fiber, protein, complex carb and iron; and it actually tastes
great, especially when you dress it up (a little) with other good stuff! ;)