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Fat-Burn Workouts

Learn minimum effective dose of exercises that deliver REAL results.

Need a short, total body-burn gym-workout?

Here is a short, intense workout involving compound and dynamic movements. Also having multiple joints and muscle groups working at once, with many different exercises involved at the same time.  These kinds of exercises demand so

12-Minute Plyometric Power Workout

Add power to your workout! If you want to build strength throughout your entire body while burning major calories, I highly recommend plyometrics.  Plyometrics (or plyos) are explosive exercises that use jump training—jump squats, jump

11-Minute Crazy Core Ab Workout

Ok, you’re crazy enough to ask for it, so here it is! My 11-minute crazy core/ab workout.  There are 11 exercises in total, all done back-to-back at one full minute per exercise.  In this very