Enjoy this 10-Minute Body Burn with Me. Get the full details on this workout below.

I want you
to look and feel your best for the holidays! So here it is…
All you
need to do is workout with me 10 minutes a day from wherever you are. I know
you may have been unmotivated in the past, or perhaps you just don’t have
enough time. Some of you travel and have no access to a gym. 
Some of
you think you’re “too old” or “too new” for this. If you’re
fragile and weak it’s not because you’re old, it’s because you have not been
using your body the way it was designed to be used. Somewhere along the way,
you stopped challenging your body. Without challenge, your body cannot grow
strong. Your muscles and bones deteriorate or become fragile when they don’t
get challenged the right way. And what you don’t use, you will lose. 
It’s not
too late to change your mind!
You do not
need anything to get in shape or to feel good in your body — let alone excuses!
All you need is you (your own body weight) and 10 minutes a day right where you
are! I will be right there working out with you!
I’ll keep
our workouts short and simple and brief you on proper form. I’ll show you
various modifications so you’ll love the challenge and be able to execute the
workout whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advance. Your muscles will
burn! You will blast fat fast! 
works! I’ve put some of my clients to the test, and they come back each week
feeling stronger and having more energy. They even report their clothes fitting
No more
than 10 minutes will go by and your workout is done for the day! This will
improve your metabolism and overall circulation, strengthen and tighten your
muscles, exercise your heart and improve your stamina. So, no more excuses.
Just get it done, right here, right now! I promise to educate and entertain you
through the entire workout. :)
are the details on this workout:
Round 1 (Move as fast as you can in proper
– 1 minute
round-the-clock jump squats (30 min. clock-wise, 30 min. counter clock-wise)
– 30
seconds push-ups with shoulder taps
– 30
seconds mountain climbers (or spider climbers)
– 15
seconds bicycle
Round 2 (Repeat round 1 with these different
timed intervals, moving as fast as you can in proper form)
– 40
seconds round-the-clock jump squats (20 min. clock-wise, 20 min. counter clock-wise)
– 20
seconds push-ups with shoulder taps
– 20
seconds mountain climbers (or spider climbers)
– 20
seconds bicycle 

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