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A quick glance into the seminars ↓

* Seminars and workshops can be catered to suit most event types and sizes.

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From my own personal experience, having been through years of depression and PTSD at one time in my life, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to function efficiently or be your best self when you feel stressful thoughts are taking over.

The pain I felt at the time drove me to delve deep into exploring with countless holistic strategies until I could breakthrough depression and PTSD successfully on my own.

This powerful inner journey of higher learning and life-transforming discoveries has since paved the way for me to show others how to beat everyday stress, anxiety, and even depression, through the path of least resistance.

I’ve come to understand what seems to be “normal everyday stress” or “past trauma or disappointments” can quietly grow into the culprit that steals your wellness or joy when you don’t take strategic steps to properly release them.

This is why as a Life Empowerment Coach and Speaker, I offer strategies to help you beat stressful thoughts and emotions in a positive way so they don’t affect you negatively. With this, you can overcome challenges quicker; you don’t feel stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied about anything for too long.

The goal is to offer you more leverage in this “Game of Life” so you can experience more fun, flow and fulfillment in your personal and professional life!


A quick glance into the seminars ↓

* Seminars and workshops can be catered to suit most event types and sizes.

* For more information, rates and booking, please click here.

An Introduction to Understanding Your Own Energy

This 50-minute talk is an introduction to understanding your own energy, with the sole purpose to help you realize how your energy attracts your experiences and how you really do have control over creating your own ideal reality if you choose to.

You’ll be introduced to concepts that will guide you to focus more positively in order to beat stressful thoughts and emotions.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your life situation so you can take control in a more positive and productive way.

What inspired me to share this seminar?

As a result of people reaching out to me (on-line and in-person) sharing their life challenges on a variety of subjects, and asking for advice on how to feel better in mind, body and emotions, it prompted me to develop an efficient method to respond to each person with care.

With this, I found it to be super helpful for most when I share this 50-minute power talk (that I presented to a group of management at a wellness facility).

Because most people have created their reality by default — not truly understanding how their own energy attracts their experiences — this information was intended to remind you that you’re truly “the creator” of your current reality.

When you realize how much control you have over your life story, you begin to play by the “rules of the game of life” and the universal laws that govern them to deliberately create more positive experiences.

Strategies and processes are then offered at a separate workshop/seminar for those who want to apply what they’ve learned here during the “Introduction to Energy”. ↓

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How to Turn Stressful Thoughts and Emotions to Positive Experiences!

Want strategies you can implement immediately so you don’t feel stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied longer than you need to?

Perhaps you want to make some positive changes in your life, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it?

This seminar can offer the clarity you need to turn dissatisfying situations around quickly and positively!

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Penny is incredible on stage and most definitely knows her topic. Her wellness knowledge is second to none… plus, she lives what she teaches. She would make a great addition to any event!
— Colin Sprake, CEO at Make Your Mark

It was truly transformative! Penny has an incredible gift of taking a daunting, complicated topic and breaking it down in a way that is completely understandable, relatable, and most importantly, attainable. I wished the seminar wouldn’t end! I left feeling empowered! I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in creating a wholehearted life.
— Kaitlin Lane, Casting Agent at Mann Casting

Attending Penny’s seminar is one of those experiences that change you. It makes you very aware of the moment you are living. It is a shot of energy, positivity, hope and happiness that changes how you find focus in your daily life.
— Paloma Arias, Commercial Project Manager at Turner Fleischer Architect

Penny’s message of vibrational alignment is powerful. Her heart is filled with an amazing message that is so needed and appreciated. The world needs this.
— Simon Marples, Corporate Wealth Advisor at Cantrust Financial

Penny inspired me to be kinder to myself, set goals that are achievable and make me feel good. To make a fresh start NOW!
— Dr. Oksana Sawiak, Sawiak Interactive Wellness Inst.


Penny’s energy, knowledge and information is absolutely infectious and pertinent to everyone. Weeks after, I’m still riding on a high with the words of wisdom and practices she taught. She’s an inspiring, remarkable woman that has such an important message to share and teach. I highly recommend this seminar. It applies to all of us, to live our best life.
— Marc Devigne, Accomplished Musician & Actor

Penny inspires me to become the best version of myself. She lives and breathes what she teaches.
— Tilde Guajardo, CEO at Womanars

Not only does Penny have a plethora of wisdom, experience and knowledge to share, but she truly inspires! In only 2 hours, I walked away reassured that honoring and responding to “vibes” is a real thing backed by science. Not many people can make these concepts accessible or tangible, but Penny seems to be an exception!
— Dianne Oliveira, Marketing Coordinator at The Keg Steakhouse

Penny Phang | Transformation Speaker | Wellness Coach | Personal Trainer

“Your outer game wins when you work on your inner game first.”
— Penny Phang

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Penny Phang | Healthy Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Trainer | Get Fit, Strong and Empowered in 12 Weeks | Body Transformation Program