Eat good fats to burn bad fats

straight up! You NEED to eat good fats to efficiently burn bad fats. Period.
you talk to anyone who deliberately got into great shape, they will tell you
they had to include good fats in their diet.
the KEY here is to realize what amount will work for you, not against you. In
other words, portion size is important.

this quick video, I’ll give you a general idea on proper portion size and a
list of good fats foods so you can start including them in your diet.
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    I've read an article once that not all fats are bad. There ARE good fats and it's up for you to know which one is the right one. I know for sure that extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil are good fats and must be consumed. I've been putting cold pressed coconut oil in my coffee every morning for some energy. It also makes me fuller. If you need to lose weight, as well, give the 3 Day Military diet a try. It works well for many people and the low-carb foods are making it easier for users to shed the extra weight. For more information, see:

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