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Easy-Peasy Recipes

Learn easy cooking recipes for BIG taste to keep the small waist.

A little oatmeal goes a long, long way…

This iconic breakfast staple remains one of the best options for a morning repast. (Not only that, but you can really eat it any time of day!) Numerous studies have shown that eating oatmeal can

200 calories of healthy yumminess

Spinach, cherry tomato, garlic, jalapeno  Who says you can't make veggies yummy and exciting? Get all the nutritious vitamins, mineral and antioxidants from greens such as spinach and broccoli, add nature's super awesome herbs and

What to consume immediately after a workout and why

There is a “window of time” that exists right after your workout during which your body is at its peak efficiency in metabolizing what you consume.  In other words, after a workout, your body is eagerly waiting to be

What’s in this 500 calories of healthy yumminess?

Prepped a client's meal for his weight loss program: Rotini pasta in spicy tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and wild salmon. Easy to make, delicious, nutritious and filling. All for only 500 calories.  1 serving (meal)

3 meals that can change the way you look and feel

Here's to delicious, healthy-eating! Your regular workout regime can’t fully serve you if you don’t pair it up with healthy meals. So the question I get from my clients is, can meals be healthy, and