A mindset program to free yourself from the problem and be the solution

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The number one thing that stands in the way of our fulfillment is the “story” we tell.

For most of us, through life’s pain-experiences over time (i.e. disagreements, relationship hardships, challenges in health, fitness, family, career, etc.), we slowly begin to form limiting beliefs about ourselves, what we deserve/don’t deserve, what we can/cannot achieve, what is/isn’t possible for us to experience.

Simply put, we’ve developed a story for every topic in our lives.

What do these stories sound like?…

I’ll never make enough money.
Relationship is hard work and sacrifice.
I’m not good enough for this (or that).
There’s no such thing as true love.
Losing weight is hard especially as I age.
I hate my job but I don’t know what else to do.
I’m too old (or too young) to do this (or that).
I just don’t have time (to do this or that).
I always get picked on. It’s not fair.
I’m not lucky enough to be rich.
All the good men/women are taken.
We get weaker as we age. There’s no hope.
It’s too late to get healthy and strong.

And the list of stories goes on and on…

Most of us are so identified with our stories (beliefs) that we don’t realize they’re the culprits that keep us stuck at attracting life experiences that confirm and support more similar stories (be it rewarding or not). And so we continue to live variations of what we believe, and we call it our “reality”.

But here’s the thing, a belief is only a thought you continue to think. The thought you continue to think becomes the basis for the stories you develop over time. And as long as you’re identified with old stories, it’s very difficult to achieve more new, fulfilling experiences.

The good news is, whatever story you’ve written can be re-written. Whatever story you’ve developed over time while living your life thus far isn’t nearly as important as how you write the future chapters to this story.

Solutions happen when you understand how to shift your perspective.

The fact that you’re reading this shows you want to make improvements. Whether you’re looking to improve your experience in relationships, health, money, career, spirituality—it doesn’t matter—the same mindset method is required to gain a positive shift in perspective.

Perhaps you already know mindset is key, but you just don’t know how or where to begin.

How do you change your mind? How do you shift perspective and reap the rewards?

This is where the Clean Slate 3-Step Method comes in!


Most people have a tough time approaching what they want to experience with a “clean slate”, meaning, whatever area in their lives they would like to improve they can’t help but bring along past disappointments—memories of past pain—limiting beliefs based on the past.

This “bring-the-old-into-the-new” way of approaching improvements only contaminates the present situation before it even has a chance to root itself as a rewarding experience for you.

How do you leave the past in the past where it belongs? How do you only bring in the best lessons/ideas from the past to offer this moment the clean slate it deserves so you get to experience more positive shifts sooner than later?

Step 1 – Replace
First, you learn to replace your old story with higher truth. Higher truth is an enhanced inner dialogue more conducive to attracting what you truly want to experience. With an enhanced inner dialogue comes a positive shift in perspective. With this shift in perspective you gain a larger vantage point to reconnect with your True Self and recreate new stories.

Step 2 – Reconnect
As you shift perspective you learn to reconnect with your True Self—the part of you that will not identify with the old story. When you align with your True Self you won’t allow your Self to be tainted by past stories and disappointments. When you connect with the True Self you’re aligning to higher intelligence.

Step 3 – Recreate
It is through the process of Step 1 (Replace) and Step 2 (Reconnect) that you open up a “space” within you that allows access to Step 3 – Recreate. When you create from this inner space of True Self, you get to be a witness and a participant of a new, more fulfilling story powered by higher intelligence. You’ll know you’re not working alone. You can feel a sense of satisfaction, acceptance and appreciation in your creation.


One of my favourite teachers, Albert Einstein, says: “Everything in life is vibration. Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

And so it is how I’ve come to teach my clients: Your energy lets the universe know what you’re ready to receive.

If you’re holding on to some form of blame/resentment, that energy signals to the universal energy you’re ready to receive more blame/resentment. If you tell that same old story, you’re signalling you’re ready for more of that same old story. If you’re having fun or feeling love, you’re indicating you’re ready to receive more fun or more love.

Bottom line: This IS an inclusion-based universe. This means there are no exclusions!

My powerful teacher/life coach, Abraham Hicks, would repeatedly remind us, “When you see something wanted and you say yes to it, you include it in your point of attraction. When you see something unwanted and you say no to it, you include that in your point of attraction too.”

In other words, the universe never says no. It only says yes.

So, where is your point of focus mostly?

Do you focus on what you want, or do you mostly fear what you want won’t happen?

What does your internal dialogue sound like most days? Is it supportive of your needs, or is it causing you to feel low or stuck?

Since every emotion emits a frequency, what emotions (feelings) do you let dominate your energy? …

… because after all, you get more of what you feel.


This 4-Week Clean Slate Program is a fast-track version of the 12-Week Clean Slate Mastery Program.

You’ll be introduced to solutions to tackle “that problem” using the simple, yet effective, CS 3-Step Method so that in 28 days or less you achieve a fresh, positive perspective on “that problem you’re having.” You’ll know how to apply this method to experience positive shifts again and again.

How is it Simple?
You’ll learn to turn things around one Post-it Note at a time.

How is it Effective?
You’ll be introduced to a tool called a Focus Wheel to help you zero-in on the solutions each day—so you become less distracted by the past stories and more focused on the present solution.

Why did I design it this way?
Often, we’re our own worst critic and that in itself is enough to set us back—never mind other people around us!

I designed this program to help you let go the negative pressure you put on yourself, eliminate unnecessary stress, replace limiting beliefs and behaviour. This way, you can overcome setbacks quicker; you don’t feel stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied about anything for too long; and you get to experience more flow and fulfillment in your everyday life!


“I was completely blown away at how much I learned from the program and how inspiring it was; it was truly transformative!”
Kaitlin Lane, Toronto, Ontario

“I now live in a more purposeful, joyful way, and know how to manifest the life I want! I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Mindy Dreith, Fort Lauderdale, Florida