Most of us
believe we don’t usually get what we ask for in life. But the thing is—beyond
the superficial, on a much deeper level—we have always gotten, are getting, and
will continue to get what we ask for.
If you ask
for more courage, everything will happen to challenge you to have more courage;
if you ask for success, you will experience mistakes or failures to drive you
to succeed; if you wish to find true love, somehow you will be challenged to
remain loving even when others are not. Paradox, isn’t it?
Perhaps it
would be wise to embrace the paradox of life. This is the only way you can
build more courage, strength and wisdom, and be rewarded along the
way. Embrace the light and the dark because both light and dark cannot
exist in their fullest expression without their counterparts.
In other
words, you need both light (“good”) and darkness (“bad”) in
order to create a whole picture. And so it is that you, too, have to experience
your “good” and “bad” in order to be whole. See the irony here? 
that is happening is not happening “to” you but is happening
“for” you. Everything is happening to help you grow into the fullest
expression of yourself – nothing is out of order.
The more
you realize this, the friendlier your life experiences will be. So next time
you wish or ask for something, be ready to let go and let things flow if you
want it to work. What does this mean for you? Perhaps my article can