Hope you enjoyed Week 2 of the 10-Minute Body Burn with Me. Get the full details on Week 3 workout here.

No such
thing as too old, too new, too advance or too anything. As you know by now, I
run through everything very quickly providing modification for every fitness
This short
workout is just what you need to burn fat, rev up your metabolism, mean up
those lean muscle mass and boost your energy level like never before. :) Let’s
go! Let’s workout together right now!
are the details on this workout:
Set 1 (Move as fast as you can in proper
– 60
seconds touch down jump squat, knee tuck jump, walk out to push-up
– 30
seconds palm plank knee drive twist (or torso twist)
– 30
seconds abs sit-up
this set 3 rounds back-to-back with little to no rest.
Try to get
good at this workout and then feel free to do it twice to make it a 20-minute
workout for more calorie burn. Or you could always do one of the other *WOW workouts following this *WOW just to keep things different and exciting.
(*WOW –
Workout Of the Week)