Did you know that something as simple as the way you
breathe can determine the quality of your overall well-being? Basically, we can
narrow it down to 2 types of breathing: 
1.) You’re breathing on autopilot (which is the
majority of the population), just enough for the body to survive. Or…
2.) …you’re breathing deliberately and deeply
(diaphragmatically) to not only survive, but to truly allow the body to thrive,
easing discomfort or pain, promoting repair and recovery, relieving stress, and
even supercharging your workouts. 
So watch yourself, are you breathing shallow all day
long? Or are you mindfully making time to take deep diaphragmatic breaths —
the kind of breath that when you inhale, expand your belly (NOT your
Which one are you? Is it time to re-train the way you
inhale (taking in life force, oxygen), and exhale (releasing toxicity, carbon
There’s no shortage of this kind of information online
if you dare to search. You’ll find countless techniques and methods to help you
reset healthy breathing patterns and change the quality of your overall
well-being. Experience less headaches, less stress, less aches in the body,
basically, less discomfort of sorts; and increase your energy to stay vital and
Spend a small moment over the weekend looking into
what I’m sharing here. You’d be surprised how this little piece of information
can drastically change the quality of your life.

Now go, breathe your way to more vitality!