• Wellness Specialist, Weight Loss Expert, Fitness Trainer

  • Mindset Coach & Speaker for Empowering The Masses

  • Creator of 4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program

  • Creator of 4-Week Clean Slate Mindset Program

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Healthy Weight Loss Coach

  • Can-Fit-Pro and DTS Core & Conditioning Coach

  • Reebok Certified JUKARI Fit to Fly Fitness Instructor

  • Black Belt Martial Artist & Kickboxing Instructor

  • 2nd Place IDFA Int. Championships Women’s Fitness

  • Co-Founder of non-profit organization Imagine1Day.ca

4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program | with Penny Phang, Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer


Penny’s diverse entrepreneurial background,