• Wellness Specialist, Empowerment Coach, Trainer

  • Speaker for Master Your Mind and Emotions

  • Creator of 4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program

  • Creator of 10-Minute Home Workout – Tight in Ten

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Healthy Weight Loss Coach

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E Trainer

  • Certified in Pro Functional Training System

  • Reebok Certified JUKARI Fit to Fly Fitness Instructor

  • Double Black Belt Martial Artist & Kickboxing Instructor

  • 2nd Place IDFA Int. Championships Women’s Fitness

  • Co-Founder of non-profit organization, Imagine 1 Day.org

4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program | with Penny Phang, Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer


Penny’s diverse entrepreneurial background, once nominated as Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, has since led her on a path to assist others on their journey to self-empowerment.

As a featured Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer, her holistic, result-driven approach, and commitment to be of service to others contributed greatly to her success in helping thousands of people, on-line and in-person, to achieve their wellness and fitness goals.

This journey in her career later led to her highly successful 4-Week Shrink Your Waistline Program where she coaches people all around the world to jumpstart their vitality by losing belly fat and stubborn pounds regardless of their age, body story or history.

After over a decade earning a reputable position in the industry, Penny was inspired into public speaking to address today’s growing mental health concerns. It was her own personal experience having been through years of depression and PTSD at one time in her life that truly prompted this.

Her pain at the time drove her to delve deep into exploring with countless holistic strategies until she could breakthrough depression and PTSD successfully on her own.

This powerful inner journey of higher learning and life-transforming discoveries has since paved the way for her to coach people to beat everyday stress, anxiety, and even depression, through the path of least resistance.

As a Life Empowerment Coach and Speaker, Penny offers seminars, workshops and programs providing deeper-level insight and strategies to show you how you can take immediate control of your mental and emotional wellbeing to overcome challenges quicker so you don’t feel stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied about anything for too long.

Penny is a double black belt martial artist formerly representing the Canadian West Coast Warriors National Karate Team. She’s been featured in major publications including MuscleMag, Inside Fitness and Strong Athlete. She’s also been sponsored by companies such as TwinLab, Kaizen and Reebok.

Penny is the co-founder of Imagine1Day.org, a non-profit organization invested in cutting edge self-generating education in Ethiopia, so that by 2030, all Ethiopian children have access to quality education free of foreign aid.



Side effects of working with Penny may include: stronger body, mind and spirit, feeling inspired to make positive changes, feeling empowered to conquer challenges and thrive, improved mood and the urge to share what you’ve learned with everyone around you.

World Class Coaching

As a dedicated and result-driven wellness and fitness specialist, it is my mission to help as many people around the world live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle – to be strong and fit in body, mind and spirit.

I thrive on seeing you succeed! Nothing satisfies me more than to see you achieve your best wellness and fitness goals.

Along this journey, I’ve also learned that being a good coach and trainer does not make me a leader.

What makes me a leader in my field is my never-ending commitment to search for the most effective methods to help you excel in your wellness and fitness goals.

This means going above and beyond the call of duty.

If you’re ready for real change, let me be the one to train and coach you!

Penny Phang | Wellness Coach | Fitness Trainer | Weight Loss Expert

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Reset your mind and energy to achieve true wellness and fulfillment from within

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“I was completely blown away at how much I learned from the program and how inspiring it was; it was truly transformative!”
Kaitlin Lane, Toronto, Ontario

“I now live in a more purposeful, joyful way, and know how to manifest the life I want! I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Mindy Dreith, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Thanks to this program I feel so empowered knowing how to create my own reality! I feel so good mentally, physically and emotionally!”

Stephanie Wong, Montreal, Quebec

“I’m still riding on a high with the words of wisdom and practices. I highly recommend this program to live our best fullest life.”

Marc Devigne, Toronto, Ontario

“Penny’s program helped my body, mind, and soul heal. I’ve finally been able to completely transform my body and the way I think about it.”

Havana Holland, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I’ve genuinely grown in so many ways. I feel incredibly blessed to have been empowered by Penny’s program on my journey.”

Michael King, London, England

“Penny truly inspires! I feel so empowered knowing now how to use mind, emotions and energy in a more positive and productive way.”