Time and again I hear your heart go into knots trying
to make a friendship work — whether it be with a friend, or a family member.
Forcing a relationship does not make it genuine. 
Someone dear once told me that a friendship
(relationship) is either for “a reason, a season or a lifetime.” And
so I’ve come to learn that during the course of any relationship, situations
will unfold to help us realize their purpose.
Don’t force a relationship to continue into the new
year if you truly feel that in this moment in time you could bring nothing more
to that relationship, or that it could bring nothing more to add to your
growth. Who you bring into your “new” year could set the tone for your year.
You see, your spirit deserves your attention and
nurturement. Whether it’s a relationship you were born into, or one you made
along the way, the integrity of your spirit is somewhat compromised if you hold
onto relationships that do not (or no longer) add to your spiritual growth
Don’t try to force your way into a “lifetime”
friendship/relationship with someone who is meant to be a “reason” or a
“season.” One of your “life work” is to learn to distinguish the difference.
If something isn’t meant to be, forcing the situation
will only lead to spiritual imbalance, which always leads to some form of pain
(suffering). Recognize the truth for you and stay true to you. 
Be honest with yourself: Who in your life could be a
reason, a season or a lifetime? Be fair to them, and yourself, by listening to
your heart. And if you still don’t yet know the answer to that question, it’s
more than okay! Don’t beat yourself up and hastily come to a decision. 
Trust that there is a much grander force constantly at
work to restore balance for us if we’re willing to TRUST. Some refer to this
powerful force as “Universe” or “God” (or whatever name that makes sense to
believe). You see, once you state your intention to have clarity, the greater
forces are already at work and your only job is to go with the flow until you
know… and you WILL know!
And so it is vital to your spirit that you learn to
trust… trust this bigger energy which its existence you may (or may not) have
been questioning. When you design your “life on purpose,” you choose
who you want to devote more energy to and who you’d rather devote less to.
It may sound “selfish,” but selfish is NOT a bad thing
because you can only give what you have. So when you take care of yourself in
this fair way, only then will you have more of yourself to give; and only then
can you create a kind of balance in your own Being that allows you to genuinely
give back to those who really matter. 

Tonight, set your intentions as you ring in the new
year! Count down to a new year filled with more people who can make your life
feel abundant! xo