Ok, you’re crazy enough to ask for it, so here it is! My 11-minute crazy
core/ab workout. 
There are 11 exercises in total, all done back-to-back at one full minute
per exercise. 
In this very challenging core/ab exercise video, I’ll be working out with
you to keep you moving and maintaining proper form. I’ll admit, this is a very
difficult core/ab challenge. I don’t like wasting time with the “easy
stuff” because they don’t work! So let’s just cut to the chase and do only
the things that work. Yes, it will be tough, but it WILL change you in ways
that you would want it to.
During this advance workout, I’ll also be showing modified moves for
beginners and intermediate so everyone can join in on this ABS-of-steel,
hard-CORE workout. 
If you do this 3 times a week, your core will get really strong, at which
point, I want you to aim for 20-30 reps for each move instead of doing a
timed-interval of one minute per exercise. This, then, would mean you’ll be
doing over 300 reps per workout and your core/ab will never be the same.
Six-pack abs…here you come! ;) 

List of Core Ab Exercises:
– Alternating Leg Rock Climbers
– V-Sit up
– One-Leg Rock Climber (left leg)
– One-Leg V-Sit up (left leg)
– One-Leg Rock Climber (right leg)
– One-Leg V-Sit up (right leg)
– Low Plank Jump-Jack
– Bicycle Sit-Up
– Reach Up and Over Cross Reach Sit-Up
– Scissors
– Torso Twist (or Russian Twist)

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