zap those jiggly jelly parts.
minutes to a stronger, tighter you! I’m SERIOUS. You don’t need a lot of time
to get strong and fit. Just work smart.
a combination of killer cardio with leg workout. While you’re at it, why not
tighten your chest and back of arms?
Wide squat jump followed by dumbbell wide squat, and walk out into push-up.
Perform 10 rounds fast.
Then, immediately move into wide stance front lunges, 10 reps total.
a short 30-60 second break. And repeat. Go for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes.
you can try this exercise too, but don’t worry about jumping or using weights.
can even do each exercise individually so you can practice your push-up on your
knees, or elevate yourself by putting your hands on a bench and doing push-ups
on your knees from there. You’ll still get the same killer affect because it
will be intense for you. Trust me!
the more advanced, you honestly don’t even need dumbbells. Your legs will be on
fire regardless! Just be sure to put in your best effort to jump high!!

When performing the front lunges, be sure that your knees do not shoot pass
your toes when you’re in the lowered position. Beginners, you do not need to go
so low on the lunges.