Weight loss researchers coined the term “yo-yo dieting” to describe intermittent weight loss efforts that leave people heavier and heavier. 
And now there is yo-yo exercising: Repeatedly starting and stopping a workout routine makes weight loss more challenging and weight gain likely, according to data from the National Runners’ Health Study. After a lapse, men had to run at least 16 miles a week before pounds started to come off; women had to log more than 29. 
If you can stick to a regular regimen, research suggests that you won’t have to spend hours at the gym to gain many of exercise’s benefits. With only a few hours or so a week—provided you’re putting out maximum effort—you can protect your heart, strengthen your body and avoid adding pounds.
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Here is the list of exercises and program description for this workout:
Set 1
3 Squats
3 Jump Squats
3 Burpees
Set 2
3 Push-ups
3 Jack Push-ups
3 Hit the Deck (with 4 mountain climbers)
Set 3
3 Wide Jump Squats (back and forth)
3 Dive Push-ups (Be sure to push hips back all the way toward the feet before diving down and forward)
3 Jack Knife
As you can see above, there are 3 sets of workouts. Each set consists of 3 exercises. Perform each exercise for 3 reps as you move down the line from Set 1 to 3. When you complete one round of the entire workout, that’s considered 1 rep.
Then, repeat this entire sequence as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. When you come back to do this workout on another day, be sure to try and do more than you did last time. Challenge yourself to do better each time.
Remember to take your time and practice the moves first and foremost. Get familiar with the exercises so you can execute with proper form. Once you can achieve this, you can slowly move in with speed and strength. As your performance improves, you can be sure your body is transforming as well. So focus on your performance! Have fun! :)