Try this “Seriously Sexy Legs” workout I’ve put together to tear your legs up so they can build back stronger, leaner and meaner! J
Gentlemen, don’t be fooled by the title of this workout — it’s not designed just for the ladies. It’s tougher than it looks! The best part? You can do it right where you are!
The many variations of squats combined with cardio intervals consisting of explosive plyometric-type moves is just the thing you need to challenge all your leg muscle fibers and target them from different angles; activate all your stability muscles and recruit other muscles you didn’t even know you had!
Depending on the intensity you put into it, the cardio itself will get your heart racing for all the right reasons! So with all these methods combined, you’ll burn a ton of calories while strengthening and sculpting some seriously sexy legs. :)
The list of leg exercises for this workout (in order from start to finish):
20 Squats 
10 Jump Squats
10 Burpees
20 Frog Squat (with Heel Raise)
10 Burpees (with 2 Forward Jump Squats and 2 Backwards Jump Squats)
20 Sumo Squats
10 Plie Jumps
20 Prisoner Squats
10 Burpee (with Wide Leg Jump Squats)
20 Reverse Lunge (with lean over and reach – 10 reps each leg)
10 Lunge Jumps
20 Snowboarders
20 Lateral Lunge Reach
20 Skater Glide Lunges
Make sure to perform an overall body warm up before going into this leg workout. Try running on the spot and jump jacks for a minute each. (To learn more, click here.) Then, introduce the exercises to the body by performing several reps of each move from the workout, moving through each one slowly, focusing on form, and allowing the body to warm up further and adapt to the moves. This can prevent injuries and help you move through the workout more effectively. 
For the next few weeks, you could try a 3-day-a-week plan. Example: do this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is to allow enough rest time between the workout days so the legs can recuperate. However, in the first week, you may only be able to do this workout twice a week because you might feel really sore and will need extra rest days. So in that case, you could perform the workout on Monday and allow for full recovery and perform again on Friday. 
Please don’t overdo the workout because the recovery days are very important as your legs will need those days to repair and come back even stronger and tighter. If you overdo it without giving it sufficient rest days, you might hinder the process. Saying this, however, if you’re not hitting this workout hard, at high intensity, then by all means do it as often as you like. You could try doing it every other day, or try a two-days-on-and-one-day-off routine.
After some time doing the reps I suggested, you could try a different approach. Get creative so you don’t hit a plateau. Try 50-second intervals with 10 seconds rest between each move. Change the time, sets and reps, and even add weights to add challenge. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
Learn to challenge yourself and keep things exciting! You can repeat the entire workout for an extra set so to really challenge yourself and see results sooner. Yes, this workout will be more than 10 minutes depending on your fitness level. But I promise it will be worth every minute of sweet torture! :)
Best thing to have after the workout is a protein shake. It can be plain old 100% iso whey protein powder mixed with water, or you can get fancier and make it a delicious smoothie. To find out more on why and how, just click here.
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